LotFotL Community Farm

CSA That Works for You!
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Our mission is to serve our community by making sustainable food available that we grow or locally source.

We SUPPORT and build a diverse community in ways that align with our values: local and small business, small scale agriculture, sustainable actions for a healthier planet, accessible nourishing food, and meaningful deep relationships.

“Delicious food, tons of choices, and lots of flexibility. This program is a great way to get delicious healthy food and choose just what you need. I absolutely recommend this program!!”

Kelsey, shareholder

“The flexibility is wonderful- I love being able to take just what I like and need, but still have the chance to try vegetables that are new to me. The vegetables are more tasty, ripe and fresh than any supermarket offers. And it’s really convenient to be able to get high-quality local meat, cheese and bread at the same stop. It’s excellent value for the price.”

Joan, shareholder

“Great farm! Great food! The choice program is serving our family so well this summer! And both Tim and April are so kind and willing to help the community!”

Erin Dentice, shareholder

“LotFotL’s CHOICE CSA exceeded our expectations last year. The selection each week was extensive, the quality and freshness were fantastic, we were in and out in 15 minutes most weeks so it was a huge time savings for us (not insignificant when you have small children), and honestly it saved us money in the long run. We spent a lot less time at the grocery store each week so there was fewer impulse buys. We also enjoyed how the CHOICE CSA program made us more creative in the kitchen. It really helped us hone our weekly meal planning so that we’re eating simple, satisfying, local food each week. Can’t wait for the next season to start!”

Jennifer & Alex Deal, shareholders

We have a unique and flexible CSA program that makes local EASY for you, our customer, so you feel good about what you eat.  Our CHOICE CSA offers multiple levels of participation so that you can choose what items you like and how much of them you need (some restrictions apply).  Home delivery options make getting local food work for anyone. This program is designed to build deep relationships with our members. Our CSA members can even schedule a family day at the farm where you come out and help with the farm work for a day, see your farmers, and connect with where your food comes from. We also have a community supported food equity fund that is supported by community donations and makes funds available to supplement the cost of our CSA programs for those that struggle to make them fit into their budget. We designed our CSA program to build a strong, diverse, and resilient community around local food.

Along with CSA, our community has access to our food in a number of other ways.  Find us at South Shore Farmers Market in Milwaukee every summer.  Purchase half and whole hogs or holiday turkeys every fall.  We also bring in bulk fruit, such as blueberries and peaches, every year that you can order and pick up at a pickup site of your choice.

We supplement our income by producing certified organic commodity crops like soy, corn, hay.  We also have multiple native prairie flower plantings growing under contract for a local seed nursery.  The diversity on the farm keeps us on our toes while it makes us resilient to an ever-changing market.

We invite our community to be involved with the farm in ways that feel good to them.  As members of our CSA, you will support us in a deep and meaningful way, helping to make the farm the most sustainable.  Visit us at farmers market each Saturday so we can learn your name and keep local food alive in your neighborhood.  Order one of our a la carte seasonal items and know that you are contributing to the farm’s success. Or signup for our worker share program and come get your hands dirty (literally) as you connect with your food and farmer. Together we will build strong community around food.