Shop at the Farmers Market

Thank you for choosing to support your local markets.

Shop our stand weekly and be thrilled with high quality, fresh, delicious, CERTIFIED ORGANIC produce, and our smiling faces and superior customer service!  We are well known for our stunning heirloom tomatoes, organic sweet corn, and our fresh luscious greens selection, as well as our unusual items like dragon tongue beans and Adirondack blue potatoes.

The more people who attend markets and purchase their groceries at them, the better they will be, both for the shoppers and the farmers who are making their living producing local food. When the people show up, the farmers show up.

You will find LotFotL Community Farm at the South Shore Farmers Market every Saturday – mid June – late October  – 8AM to Noon – South Shore Park – 2900 South Shore Dr. Check their website for exact dates and details.

We are proud to accept WIC coupons at our stand, as well as the SNAP tokens provided by an onsite exchange service sponsored by the Bay View Community Center.

We also accept credit and debit cards directly at our stand.

Watch for our annual Cucumber Fundraiser! Every year, assuming the crop thrives, we choose a day to donate .50 from every pound of cucumber sold to a local food charity. This helps us achieve our mission to grow community around local food and reminds us that our community is diverse, so we can use local food to grow and support it in many ways.

Choose to support us deeply by investing in one of our CSA programs, available for pick up each week right at the market stand.

Thank you for choosing local.  Thank you for supporting LotFotL Community Farm.