C-Traditional CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

Traditional CSA Options

Traditional CSA has worked great for years.  Members sign up at the beginning of the year and pick up a weekly or biweekly box full of seasonal goodies at a chosen drop site in their area. We have many options so that you can make CSA work for you. Check out our dropsite options on the right side of the page.

Share Types – 2018

Weekly Box $532 20 wk season. Contains 7-10 items.

Biweekly Box $312 10 wk season. Contains 7-10 items.

Spring Season Extension $89 3 wk early season. Contains 6-9 items.

Market Box $330 17 wk season. You choose items from the market stand. Contains 6-7 items.

Add On Items –

Egg Shares $59-$115 10 or 20 weeks. 1 dz eggs/delivery.

Chicken Shares $220-$420 10 or 20 wks. 1 frozen chicken/delivery.

Seasonal Meat Shares $300 1 delivery/month for 3 months.

Pre-Order Items –

Holiday Turkey Reserve your holiday turkey now.  Delivered frozen in November. Learn more…

Whole and Half Hogs Reserve meat for the late season. Usually ready in Nov. Learn more…


CHOICE CSA   Say goodbye to traditional!  Choose your own items and connect with your farmer!

CSA Organic Disclaimer: The vast majority of what goes into CSA shares is grown in accordance of standards set for organic certification and is certified organic, but on occasion some crops come from other farms or fields that, while managed in a way consistent with certified organic crops, are not currently certified. Any uncertified items are always disclosed in our newsletters.

Other Details

  • Vacation Hold Options
  • Payment Options and Payment Plans
  • Items found in our shares


Popular FAQ’s

Q: Do I have to pay everything all at once or can I make payments?

A: You can choose to either pay all at once or make payments.   You will have the option to set up an automated payment schedule or send us your balance before your first delivery date. (2018 Payment due by June 10th).  These options will be presented at the end of you sign up process online. You can pay with a check, dwolla, or credit/debit card.