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Goldilocks would love this CSA!

csa that fits your lifeAt LotFotL we seek for you the golden mean: not too much produce in a share, and not too little, enough adventurous food to keep you learning, but not so much that you grow tired and weary. This isn’t the easy road to travel, but we are up for the challenge. CSA needs to fit a member’s lifestyle.  Giving the right amount of food, the right kind of food, and a convenient pick up location is part of how we make local EASY!

Below you are sure to find a box size that will work with your life.  Boxes can be delivered on a weekly or biweekly schedule.  In addition to vegetables, you will find chicken and egg shares available during the growing season.  Meat shares are delivered during the Winter and early Spring when we are not in vegetable production.  You will also want to take a look at our online farm store options, allowing you to supplement your CSA deliveries with in season and/or local foods like fruit, meat, and honey.

Share Types –

Basic Petite Share$530 (expected start date June 2016) Learn more

Market Petite Share $382 (expected start date June 2016) Learn more

Basic Petite (Biweekly) $310 (expected start date June 2016) Learn more

Full Share$704 (expected start date June 2016) Learn more

Full Share (Biweekly) – An every other week $400 (expected start date June 2016) Learn more

Bridge Share $140 (expected start date May 2016 and Dec 2016) Learn more

Egg Share – Click here for prices. (expected start date June 2015) Learn more

new--improved-sticker-shapeChicken Share –  Click here for prices. Weekly for 22 wks- Every other week for 11 wks– Monthly (6 mths). Learn more

Meat Shares –
Available starting in November and again in February. Learn more

Vacation Holds –

Shares can be put on hold if you will be away.  LotFotL requires 48 hours advance notice for any vacation holds.

  1. Use this NEW link to schedule your vacation hold. Click Here.  Or you can find a link on the CSA tab on our website.

Thank you.

2016 Newsletters

2016 Newsletters with Box Contents

2016 Bridge Week 3

2016 Regular Season Week 1

2016 Regular Season Week 2

2016 Regular Season Week 3

2016 Regular Season Week 4

2016 Regular Season Week 5

2016 Regular Season Week 6

2016 Regular Season Week 7

2016 Regular Season Week 8

2016 Regular Season Week 9

2016 Regular Season Week 10

2016 Regular Season Week 11

2016 Regular Season Week 12

2016 Regular Season Week 13

2016 Regular Season Week 14

2016 Regular Season Week 15

2016 Regular Season Week 16

2016 Regular Season Week 17

2016 Regular Season Week 18

2016 Regular Season Week 19

Payment Options Include:

  1. Pay by Check (no fee)- Down payment due at the time of payment. Remainder due before your first delivery.  Self managed payments are fine as long as the total due is received before your first delivery.
  2. Dwolla (no fee)-  This allows you to easily pay online and have the money deducted directly from your bank account, saving the farm pricey processing fees that come with credit cards. Down payment due at the time of sign up and remainder due before your first delivery.
  3. Payment plans –  (3.5% online payment fee)- This allows you to set up automated monthly payments to be charged to your credit/debit card.
  4. Credit Card– (3.5% online payment fee)- Allows you to easily pay the entire balance due with a credit or debit card.

Common items found in our shares:

Each week your share contents will differ.  We plant over 60 different varieties that rotate throughout the season.

Spring: Spinach, Asparagus, Radish, Scallions, Salad Mix, Hakurei Turnips, Kale
Summer: Tomatoes, Green Beans, Melons, Peppers, Potatoes, Garlic, Onions
Fall: Winter Squash, Eggplant, Rutabaga, Kohlrabi, Carrots, Cabbage, Broccoli

CSA Organic Disclaimer: The vast majority of what goes into CSA shares is grown in accordance of standards set for organic certification and is certified, but on occasion some crops come from other farms or fields that, while managed in a way consistent with certified organic crops, are not currently certified.

2016 Newsletters with Box Contents

2016 Newsletters with Box Contents


CSA Financial Aid Options:

Apply for Partner Shares:  Partner Shares is a cost-sharing program that provides financial assistance to limited-income households for purchasing CSA vegetable shares. The annual application period is January 15 – April 15. Learn More… AFTER you apply with Partner Shares, you can submit your online application, by clicking on sign up for CSA from LotFotL’s website. Your confirmation email will qualify as the needed application that they require.

*LotFotL also Accepts Quest/Food Stamps for payment.  Click here for directions

*Find out if you are eligible for a health insurance rebate.  Health insurance companies are encouraging their members to eat healthy by joining a CSA farm!  Learn More…