Community Supported Agriculture

Goldilocks would love this CSA!

At LotFotL we seek for you the golden mean: not too much produce in a share, and not too little, not too many exotic items, but not so few. This isn’t the easy road to travel. If we only defined success as a weekly box of 16 CSA items, well, then those that can’t get through that much abundance may ultimately decide CSA won’t work for them.

We’re here to partner with you in getting the right amount of food for your lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve had countless conversations with people that were once CSA members. They’ve told me that they just can’t get through all of the produce they receive. What results is waste, both from produce composting in the crisper, and of the opportunity to bring another devoted family into CSA membership, supporting us farmers, and helping us to expand this food movement. View our CSA Member Contract here.

Vacation Holds –

Shares can be put on hold if you will be away.  LotFotL requires 48 hours advance notice for any vacation holds.

  1. Use this NEW link to schedule your vacation hold. Click Here.  Or you can find a link on the CSA tab on our website.
  2. Watch for a confirmation email in 1-3 business days.
  3. Follow the directions in the confirmation email to schedule your make up share.

Thank you.

Share Types –

Basic Petite Share – This share is designed for the every day Joe eaters that want toshare 11-1-12 support the CSA model, without having to become an international chef to do it. Although, we still strive to give you a good representation of what is grown on the farm, you will get less of the “really weird” stuff that you may not see in a regular grocery store, and a lot of the most popular veggies like, carrots, onions, potatoes, and kale.  Best enjoyed by people that eat meals away from home often, but enjoy cooking a nice dinner a few times per week. Young couples, or new to CSA members, this one’s for you. Our most popular share. 6-8 items/box. 24 weeks. $530 (expected start date June 2016)

Market Petite Share– Same as above, but your delivery schedule follows that of the South Shore Farmers Market in Milwaukee. 2900 South Shore Drive. 17 weeks. Saturday delivery. $382 (expected start date June 2016)

Basic Petite (Biweekly)This is our basic petite share delivered every other week. Designed for singles that love the idea of supporting local agriculture, but have been boxed out of CSA in the past, because they can’t eat all those veggies. 6-8 items/box. 12 weeks. $310 (expected start date June 2016)

Full Share – If you’re a self-described foodie, then this is likely your share. The full share provides larger portions of most items found in the petite, but will also include 2-4 additional items per week. This share receives our full selection of produce, and will test the cooking horizons of most people.  Not the biggest full share in town, but priced and sized right, with enough diversity to keep even a super-foodie happy. Best enjoyed by at least 2-4 people, who cook and eat together frequently. 8-12 items/box. 24 weeks. $704 (expected start date June 2016)

Full Share (Biweekly)– An every other week full share. This share best serves more culinarily adventurous young couples, single foodies, or busy couples that want to experience the full spectrum of what the farm has to offer. The portion sizes will be the same as Gonzo, but you’ll have twice as long to get through each box. 8-12 items/box. 12 weeks. $400 (expected start date June 2016)

Bridge Share– This share is for our members that just can’t wait for the season to start and don’t ever want it to end. We extend our CSA on both ends of the season. You will get 3 early deliveries (6-8 items each), starting your year off right with an abundance of early greens and classic spring starters like asparagus. We will keep you going into the late season with one giant winter box (18-20 units/ of about 8-12 different foods) in December, full of plenty of storage items like potatoes, onions, and squash (so we don’t overwhelm your fridge), in addition to plenty of roots and the last of the hoop house greens. $140 (expected start date May 2016 and Dec 2016)

Egg Share-  Enjoy organically produced eggs from Wholesome Harvest Farm, located near the city of Fort Atkinson, WI.  We are pleased to be working with these folks and think you will love the quality of these eggs. The chickens that produce the eggs enjoy free range pasteurization and are given only organic feed items. Season begins with the veggie CSA season, 1 doz weekly or biweekly options running 24 or 12 weeks. Click here for prices. (expected start date June 2015)

new--improved-sticker-shapeChicken Share- Our chickens are brought in from Wholesome Harvest Farm, located near the city of Fort Atkinson, WI.  They are CERTIFIED ORGANIC with beautiful pastures to play on all day long.  These special heritage breed, FREEDOM RANGER birds are selected for their ability to thrive in a pastured and the unique and flavorful meat they provide. Click here to learn more about why Freedom rangers are a good choice for both farmers and you. Shares consists of one whole frozen chicken delivered on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule.  Chickens average about 5 lbs each. Click here for prices. Weekly for 22 wks- Every other week for 11 wks– Monthly (6 mths).

Meat Shares-
Available starting in November and again in February.  Boxes are delivered 1 time per month to select drop sites for a 3 month stint. This share will include meat from our farm or other local Wisconsin farms each month. All meat is organically fed or grass fed. We assemble boxes by raising or buying whole animals, so members may have the chance to experience a couple of new things, like soup bones, bacon pieces, or a ham shank, in addition to all your favorites (ground, roasts, steaks, hams, etc).  

Sample Meat Share Contents: (All boxes will differ, but here is an example of the items that can be included in a share.  Boxes are built based on the value of the meat contents, so the weight of you package will vary.)
Whole Frozen Chicken (Ney’s Big Sky OR Wholesome Harvest)
Ground Beef (Kowalski Farm)
Ground Pork (LotfotL or Dandee Berks)
Ground Lamb (NEW from Rocky Knoll Ranch)
Underground Meats OR Neys Big Sky brats
Beef (steaks,roasts, soup bone, stew meat, etc.) AND/OR
Pork (chops, steaks, roast, ham, shanks, soup bones, etc.)

Payment Options Include:

  1. Pay by Check (no fee)- Down payment due at the time of payment. Remainder due before your first delivery.  Self managed payments are fine as long as the total due is received before your first delivery.
  2. Dwolla (no fee)-  This allows you to easily pay online and have the money deducted directly from your bank account, saving the farm pricey processing fees that come with credit cards. Down payment due at the time of sign up and remainder due before your first delivery.
  3. Payment plans –  (3.5% online payment fee)- This allows you to set up automated monthly payments to be charged to your credit/debit card.
  4. Credit Card– (3.5% online payment fee) Allows for full payment to be charged to your credit/debit card.

Common items found in our shares:

Each week your share contents will differ.  We plant over 60 different varieties that rotate throughout the season.

Spring: Spinach, Asparagus, Radish, Scallions, Salad Mix, Hakurei Turnips, Kale
Summer: Tomatoes, Green Beans, Melons, Peppers, Potatoes, Garlic, Onions
Fall: Winter Squash, Eggplant, Rutabaga, Kohlrabi, Carrots, Cabbage, Broccoli

CSA Organic Disclaimer: The vast majority of what goes into CSA shares is grown in accordance of standards set for organic certification and is certified, but on occasion some crops come from other farms or fields that, while managed in a way consistent with certified organic crops, are not currently certified.

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CSA Financial Aid Options:

Apply for Partner Shares:  Partner Shares is a cost-sharing program that provides financial assistance to limited-income households for purchasing CSA vegetable shares. The annual application period is January 15 – April 15. Learn More… AFTER you apply with Partner Shares, you can submit your online application, by clicking on sign up for CSA from LotFotL’s website. Your confirmation email will qualify as the needed application that they require.

*LotFotL also Accepts Quest/Food Stamps for payment.  Click here for directions

*Find out if you are eligible for a health insurance rebate.  Health insurance companies are encouraging their members to eat healthy by joining a CSA farm!  Learn More…