Half and Whole Hog

If you have never had pork raised right, you are in for a treat.

Our animals are fed organic feed, raised on pasture, and are heritage breed animals.  Not only can you feel good about what you eat, but you will delight in the taste. You will find our pork to be juicier and more flavorful, and the fat to be divine. Big ag campaigns have led the world to believe that pork should be lean, dry, and white.  We beg to differ.  Our pork is none of the above and that is what makes it remarkable.


Due to changes in the meat industry and demand on slaughter houses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to secure enough 2021 slaughter dates to raise the amount of pigs that we normally do in a year.  We will not have half and whole hogs available in 2021 for this reason.


  • Total Cost: Berkshire Pork is sold by hanging weight + processing costs and slaughter fee. The hanging weight on a whole hog usually comes in around 170-190lbs. PRICES TBA
  • Processing: Sorg’s Meat and Sausages in Darien, WI. You will work with them to submit your cutting order. Basic processing costs are about $0.65/lb. Add an additional $.85/lb for smoked, cured items.  Sausage is also an additional fee.
  • Payments: You pay LotFotL the slaughter fee and hanging weight charges. You pay Sorg’s for processing costs. We collect a non-refundable deposit at the time of your order and the remaining balance when meat is picked up.
  • When: Meat is typically available  October – November.
  • Delivery vs Pick up: Home delivery in the Milwaukee and Greater Milwaukee areas can be arranged for $0.25 a mile (some restrictions apply). Pick up at Sorg’s Sausage Kitchen is free.

Deposits are non-refundable.  Prices and approximate dates are announced in late summer.  Thank you for your support. Contact [email protected] with questions.