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2024 Regular Season CSA programs

This will be used to contact you about changes or updates about your CSA pick-up/delivery and confirmation of delivery for home delivered items.
All credits must be used by the end of the 2024 regular CSA season in October. After credits have been used up for the season, level 1 and 2 members will have LIMITED access to any surplus items that we have to sell. LEVEL 3 folks have UNLIMTED access to everything we have to offer for the entire season, even after they have used all of their credits. All orders made after credits have been fully used are simply charged to your card on file.
Additional credits that are purchased in advance offer great value. This helps your farmer to better plan the growing season and manage cash flow throughout the season. Thank you.
If your preferred location is marked as SOLD OUT we ask you to choose an alternative location at this time. Thank you.


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