Thank you for choosing to support your local markets.

The more people that attend markets and purchase their groceries at them the better they will be for both the shoppers and the farmers. When the people show up, the farmers show up.

You will find LotFotL Community Farm at the South Shore Farmers Market every Saturday – June 15th – October 26th – 8AM to Noon – South Shore Park – 2900 South Shore Dr.

Farmers Market CSA Options

SOUTH SHORE MARKET (MKE): Pick up your VEGGIES PLUS, PRODUCE ONLY or PART-TIME produce at the Farmers Market. All items are pre-ordered. Meat add-ons are welcomed. Programs run on a different schedule and price structure to align with the market season schedule.

Farmer Market Choice Prices:

Members are asked to sign up all eaters in their family.

Meat Add On Options:

Add your choice of meat programs to determine the additional weekly meat allotment, based on a 20 week season.

Part-time produce:

Members get up to 7 produce items when they pick up. Pick up on any 15 of the 20 weeks of market. Simple and flexible. $300+$40 deposit.

How to Use The Above Price Charts:

Take a look at the program that you are interested in and use the chart to determine the full cost.

Example: A Family with 2 Adults and 1 Child Between 5 and 10 Years Old, Choosing Veggies Plus

Adult #1: $30
+Adult #2: $30
+Child between 5-10 Years Old: $9
Total Weekly Cost: $69
Total Seasonal (20 Weeks) Cost: $1,380.00